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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Media Strategy

We assist our clients to reach their target groups, by choosing a unique and high efficiency distribution channel with our one-stop advertising planning and services to them.


Social Marketing

We are advantage in Wechat advertising and create mini program for assisting the operation of our clients.


Digital Marketing

Whatever your marketing goals, we have the technology, flexibility, and expertise to help you achieve optimal outcomes. Perfect for every type of business in every size.

Event Planning

We provide event planning service and various programs and performances to our clients. Included but not limited to Emcees, TV artists, models, dancers, magician and  photography service.


Branding & Identity

Various commercial activities , corporate promotions and advertising campaigns are sustain to our clients’ business development. 



KOL helps to create high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage an audience.

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