With the currently operating 1,080 black taxis in Macau, the demand for taxis are extremely high for both tourists and locals.

Clear Target – First choice for tourists in a city without metro, guaranteeing a comprehensive coverage of visitors who are mainly affluent people with ideal purchasing power

Highly-Visible – Traveling 24 hours a day throughout major thoroughfares and busy streets or small lanes of residential areas


High Traffic – Frequently seen by people in long queues waiting for taxi

Low Cost – Offers a low cost per mille compared to other forms of media, becoming an affordable way for small businesses to advertise their brands


No. 249-263, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’ Assumpcao, Edf. Kin Heng Long, 4 Andar, B, Macau​

+853 6522 2644

+86 177 652 226 44

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